Goodbye mom

Three weeks disappeared faster than I could ever imagine possible. We’ve had a great time, but another week would have been nice.

It was pretty hard saying goodbye yesterday at the airport. It’s not even 7 months until I see her again, and I have the nice half of the year left here in San Diego, the summer, so I think I will do pretty okay without her.

The rest of the day was just weird. I was planning on lying at the pool or in the backyard reading/sleeping, but instead I did a million other things. First I got my fifth B12 shot (and they are doing wonders by the way, I’m feeling so much better!) and then I dropped off some mail to the grandpa’s retirement home. Outside sat four old ladies and when I walked towards the door one of them told me that I shouldn’t be allowed going in there because I was so young and beautiful. I don’t feel so old anymore, haha! Then I started reorganizing my purse and room. It’s much cleaner now, even in the drawers and my wardrobe (which doesn’t show, but still).

Today I will read a lot and spend time at the beachvolleyball court at Ponto Beach with Moa. The sun is coming out from hiding so I think it will be a pretty neat afternoon :).

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