Beach volleyball

The sun never did show up, but it was perfect weather for some beach volleyball. No sun, but still pretty warm and almost no wind at all. That meant that I played for four hours at the beach. I played like I normally do, maybe a little worse, but it was still very fun and all the games are tight. What’s not so fun is that I hurt my finger kinda badly in my second last game. I kept playing and it wasn’t so bad, but now that I’ve been home for a while, resting it, it started hurting real bad… It’s not swollen, but I can’t move it. I hope it’s nothing serious…

I saw dolphins today again! And they were close to the beach this time and looked really big and you could really see them, not just their fins. They are so beautiful when they are just gliding past in the ocean!

We played until sunset and when I got home I took a nice long shower and then made some dinner; a fried egg, red bell peppers, homegrown cherry tomates, avocado, cottage cheese and a corn on cob. Healthy and yummy! Now I will move to the bed and read until I pass out (which should be in about 10 minutes, 4 hours of beach volleyball playing is pretty exhausting).

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