Back to normal

It just took one day to get back to my au pair life after a month of travelling and relaxation. It feels good, but I have the toughest time in an au pairs life ahead of me, the summer. Long working days which I’m not used to, not so many hours straight at least. I am a little afraid that I won’t have ideas of what to do to fill 9 hours a day. But after today I don’t think that will be a problem. We’ve had things to do all day, for example we played a lot of Uno, we played in the backyard with the water hose, we’ve done some baking and dancing.

I made dinner tonight and I used one of my two lasagnette boxes mom brought from Sweden. It tasted exactly the same as back home and I enjoyed every bite of it!

I said goodnight to the kids and that was the longest goodnight ever. It’s like they missed me so much when they were in Sweden, they don’t want to let me go, even for just twelve hours until tomorrow morning. They are so incredibly adorable! ❤

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