San Diego Zoo

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

What a day! Awesome weather, a lot of cute animals and 14000 steps according to mom’s pedometer. And after two hours of surfing yesterday I am pretty sore right now.

We arrived there at 10am and started walking around. We found a very good way to go around and at the same time seeing everything without going somewhere twice. Last time I was there I walked around for four hours and I missed like everything I realized today! But after almost 8 hours in the park I guess we saw pretty much everything. There’s not much more to say really, I will let the awesome pictures mom took today say the rest.

Racer snail? A snail wishing to be fast?Spotted Hyena Spotted Hyenas.Bornean Sun Bear Sun Bear.Red Panda Red panda. One of my favorite animals!Black and white panda Black and white panda Panda baby, 11months The baby panda was high up in a tree sleeping 14h a day. He was still very small even though he is 11 months old now. Super adorable!Polar bear Polar bear, another of my favorite animals! This one was dribbling with the ball under the water. Cutie!Polar bear And this one was eating a carrot?!Maned "wolf" I’ve never seen this animal before and it was really cool! We didn’t get a good picture of the real animal.Jaguar Jaguar.Capybara Capybara.African bush elephant African elephant.Secretary bird Secretary bird. In the same exhibit there was a magpie. What’s so exotic about those??Southwest African meerkat African meerkat. These guys are just too cute!Southern Ratel, "honeybadger" Honeybadger.Siberian Lynx Siiberian Lynx.Koala baby A baby koala. So incredibly cute you couldn’t believe it!Koala Another koala sleeping in a tree. All the other koalas (like 14!!) slept with their face squished in the trunk of the tree.Masai giraffe baby, ~2-3months A giraffe baby, only 2-3 months old! When I was at the zoo last time this guy was still in his mommy’s tummy.Greater one-horned rhinoceros Greater one-horned rhinosaurus.A green snake Angolan colubus monkey with baby Angolan Colubus monkey baby!Hippopotamus Gigantic hippos.Allen's swamp monkey African spot-necked otter Otters eating lunch. Mom really loves these guys, she took like 50 photos of these two ;). They are really cute, I agree!African spot-necked otter eating lobster Parker's snake-necked turtle Parker’s snake-necked turtle.Galapagos turtoise Humongous Galapagos turtoise.Fennec fox Fennec Fox, so unbelievably cute and tiny!Snow leopard Snow leopard.Gorilla Gorilla.North Chinese leopardNorth Chinese leopard.


This was me and my mom’s last day together here in California. Hard to believe that it’s already been three weeks… It’s been so fast I’m not completely sure San Francisco even happened! I will miss her but it will be nice getting back to my normal working life again. And besides, I’m gonna see her again in no time at all :).

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