So much going on, too little time to write. Yesterday I came home around midnight after a very nice coffee with Moa and the day before I got home at 3am after a really nice weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon when I left the house to pick up Jessica, Karin and Victoria down in Del Mar. Me and Jessica were going to Phoenix and Karin and Victoria were going to San Francisco. Awesome that our flights left approximately the same time both Friday and Sunday. So we were environmental friendly and carpooled.

The flight to Phoenix was only for an hour but I slept almost the whole way. When we got there we called the hotel and asked how we were gonna get there. Use the light rail they said. Very easy, we just bought a ticket and sat on that nice train for 20 minutes in to downtown. I love the public transportation system in Phoenix, you can go on the light rail and buses how much you like for a day for only $4.

The first time we were out in the ”real” air we couldn’t stop laughing. Oh my god, it was perfect! 99F in the middle of the night, a warm breeze and it really felt we were in a tropical climate. Because of the low humidity it doesn’t feel as warm as it was. If it were 99F here in San Diego I think I would die. But in the desert it was perfect!

The hotel was located in the center of downtown and was awesome! $250 for that hotel and flight was pretty nice. The next day we got up pretty early, I took a shower and then we walked to Matt’s Big Breakfast a few blocks away. Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast. Yummy!

After that we took the light rail to Tempe and from there a bus to Scottsdale Fashion Square. It took about an hour to get there but it was worth it. The mall was really nice and even though I didn’t buy more than a knitted cardigan and a t-shirt from Hollister on sale and a perfume it was nice walking around inside. Outside it was about 106F.

After that we walked around a little in Tempe. Also a very nice place with a lot of bars. Unfortunately Jessica is under 21 but that was probably for the best anyway :).

Back to Phoenix downtown and the hotel for a while and then going to Hard Rock Cafe. It was almost empty because of the Diamondbacks baseball game across the street. I had the local burger and that was the best burger I ever had, too bad it wasn’t the Californian local burger. It was teriyaki sauce and pineapple on it. I bought a shot glass and now I have 6 glass in total.

When we walked back to the hotel we saw a group of a lot of people waiting for something. We asked someone and they said they thought it was Selena Gomez. We waited for a while and then we heard someone say it was someone else that was in the Wicked musical. Never heard of her so we waed back to the hotel and got to bed.

Sunday was warmer than Saturday, more like 110F which is about 43C. But it wasn’t too bad. We had a small breakfast at Starbucks and then took the light rail out to Papago Park. We asked for directions to the Desert Botanical Garden and were told it was about a 10-15 minute walk. We got lost, asked at the Phoenix Zoo and eventually found it. But that was two hours after. We drank so much water and my feet (in stupid sandals) hurt like hell. I didn’t have so much trouble with the heat, the feet on the other hand, after that day they were killing me. We walked around in the park for a short while then got a lift halfway back which was awesome! Nice Americans.

Directly when we got back to downtown we walked to Coopers’town. A restaurant owned by Alice Cooper. Empty as HRC because of the baseball game but it was nice not wating for a table. The food was good, I had a club sandwhich. It was cheap too, $10! The cheapest dinner I’ve ever had I think.

When we were so full we almost rolled out of the restaurant we had like three hours to kill so we sat at a small plaza where there were pretty fountains where kids played around in. We had comfy chairs and spent the rest of our visit in Phoenix there. It was awesome!

The flight was delayed by 15 minutes but that was okay because Karin and Victorias flight was delayed by an hour. Kinda sucked to wait at the San Diego airport for an hour in the middle of the night when we already were so tired.

I got home at 3am and yesterday I had to work for more than 10 hours. It was a rough day. And my feet made it even worse! They were so swollen yesterday I could hardly walk. I guess it was because of all the water I drank yesterday. My knees were dead too.

Today it’s better, I slept with my feet held high, but it still feels stiff when I’m bending my knee or twisting my ankle. By tomorrow it should be gone completely!


This morning I was up at 7am just in case the kids would wake up early. My h-mom left extra early because she have to be home at 4pm to get the girl dressed and ready for her dance recital tonight. It’s 8:30am and the kids aren’t awake yet. I think I have to wake them up pretty soon, the boy has a swim lesson in 40min.

As usual I took a lot of photos but I don’t have time to upload them now, so they will come up tomorrow or later this evening! Phoenix is a very nice city and I loved the tropical warmth. It was a very clean city and with a lot of fun nightlife. Unfortunately, as we didn’t have a car, we couldn’t see Sedona and the ghost towns, but I will probably go back to see those some day :). I had a great weekend and I’m glad I went to Phoenix, a not so typical travel destination!

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