PT #4

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I had my last PT session today but my trainer thought I had another one. And since he planned for two sessions he told me he could give me 15 minutes of free consultation next time I had time, which will be on June 19th. He told me a little about how to move on from now and the most important thing is to change movements every 4-6 weeks so you have time to see improvements. I got a new circuit to do for one and a half week and then I’m on my own. That will definitely be a challenge!

When we were done he wanted to see my body fat percentage and I was afraid of what it was gonna say. The scale said 141 lbs, not a happy number. But when the body fat percentage said 19.9% I was happy again. That is almost 4% less than in April! So even if I’ve gained weight I’ve technically lost 8lbs of fat. Muscles weigh more than fat! A happy day. Now I just need to continue this and hope I will start losing weight so I can get in my pants I brought here. I have until the fall!

He also told me that I have to start doing yoga like once a week. I’m not flexible enough in my hip for the squats, haha!

Before my PT session I showed Moa some excercises since she’s not used to using machines. It was fun and we are gonna start working out together once a week or so from now on. That will be fun.

I also got the cooking book he told me about. It’s a cookbook for the fit food lover with healthy recipes. I love it just by looking in it, everything looks so delicious and it’s less carbs than in ”normal” food. I think my mom will be the test subject to my new cooking before I dare trying it on the kids, haha!

The girl had her 5th grade graduation today and oh my god what a big deal that was. In Sweden it didn’t matter, but here it was almost as big as ”studenten”. They had a cermenoy outside where the teachers held speeches. Then there was a huge breakfast for everyone in the cafeteria. I actually wasn’t too bad, I had a lot of fruit and half a banana/chocolate muffin. It was very nice, but in my opinion too big for 10-year olds. The boy has his kindergarten graduation tomorrow, we’ll see what that will be like.

Last night I realized that I’m leaving for Phoenix tomorrow evening and I haven’t even started packing yet. So unlike me! But I will do it right now before I go to Starbucks to hang out with the girls :).

Flower browniesMe and the girl baked brownies after school today. They were delicous and very pretty! But it took me some time to cut out all those petals from fondant…

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