Five months

I totally didn’t have time to write anything last Friday when I had my fifth monthiversary. But I have it today too, five months in the family. Crazy crazy!

The girl had ear pains this morning so I had to take her to the doctors office but that was no problem at all. It was red so she got a prescription for medicine. Since she didn’t feel so well we didn’t really do anything today except rest.

I made an early dinner today, at 4:30 pm already because the girl had a dance recital at 6:30. It was a very long show but it was fun. First the tiny kids danced ballet. I think they might have been three or four. So adorable! Then the older kids came and they were so good! The girl was second last and I was really impressed by her. She was really good. She has been dancing Jazz this semester and their song was Trouble with Taylor Swift.

Now I’m back home and I will head straight to bed, I am so tired still. Pictures will be up another day. Good night!

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