Chillin at Starbucks

I had a really nice evening at Starbucks today with Moa, Jessica and Larissa. We talked about everything between heaven and earth and preliminary decided some things, like a weekend in Santa Monica in July, Hawaii in January. Both Moa and Jessica are coming to the tournament on Saturday which is gonna be super fun! I’m really looking forward to that. For the first time ever I actually feel that I might have a chance of getting far. But I’m not gonna say too much.

Swedish school today was nice, they had ”graduation” with Swedish summer songs and a lot of fika afterward. The kids were super cute in their fine clothes. One of the moms also came up to me and jessica and told us that there were a Swedish family that wanted to join the Swedish school and they had an au pair who was looking for friends. She is gonna give her our numbers, always fun to expand friend circles :).

At the gym today I talked a lot with my PT. I am working out a lot, I’m eating enough calories but I’m still not losing weight. So he told me that I really have to cut down with the carbs. It’s gonna be hard bu the told me about a cookbook with nice recipes with more protein and less carbs. I just ordered it and I hope it’s gonna help me. It’s hard finding things to replace the pasta with, but I’m gonna try.  I’m not gonna cut all carbs, but gradually try to replace it with something else, like quinoa and vegetables.

Now it’s time to sleep.
Friday tomorrow again! 🙂

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