End of class

Nine weeks has gone by so fast. I’m not sure if I’ve improved my speaking skills so mich but I’m definitely aware of my flaws, even though they are tiny and few. Tonight everyone who wanted could read a text out loud. I was the last to read and he didn’t have anything else to say except that it was a perfect ending. Happy!

So now I have 3/6 credits. And I still don’t know what to take as my next class. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Drawing class, Physiology of Excercise and Sustainability. I have before June 12th to decide.

Something really weird happened this afternoon. When I left the house to pick up the kids from school two of our trash cans were on the curb. They were empty and I was gonna take them in when we got back. But when we got back the trash cans weren’t there, they were in the backyard, full of green waste and they stood back and the wrong way round. Super weird!! The only thing I can imagine happen (except for a ghost hobo) is that the gardeners came, cut the palm trees, and took them in from the curb. Still weird and they put them the right way round usually.

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