Memorial Day

Americans have a lot of weird holidays. They aren’t off from work on Easter or Christmas Eve, but they have holidays called Presidents Holiday and Memorial Day where they are off. Weird, but I’m not complaining. I had the day off too and since it was Monday I decided to spend the day at the beach reading and then play beachvolleyball in the afternoon.

I got to the beach around 11am and it was so hard to find a parking spot! I had to park far away from the beach. The weather today wasn’t  very good. It was very windy and a little cloudy. It wasn’t cold though and I did get in the water a little after the second time I got pooped on. Pelicans are circling above the beach all day long and today they pooped on me, not once, not twice, but three times!! I don’t count the trip to the water as my first time in the ocean since I only washed away the poop. I will do the real thing when it’s not so windy.

We weren’t so many people playing today so I got to play a lot. When we started playing the sky was covered in clouds and the wind decreased a lot. So it was really nice to play! And I played really well today as well. That really makes me happy! Next time I will play, will be at the tournament on Saturday! Excited! 🙂

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