I came home very late yesterday so I will write about this super important thing that happened yesterday, I ate sushi for the first time ever. And I loved it! I went out with Moa, Jessica, Larissa and Pernille and we had such a great night! First we met up at a suchi restaurant in Mira Mesa where we all ordered different sushis and then shared. After that we went to Starbucks and Cold Stone. I wanted ice cream but I was too cold for it so I had a coffee too, haha! We were there until very late but after me and Moa got stuck outside talking for an hour while watching three policecars with a lot of policemen surrounding a car with young people in it. I wonder what happened!

I’m really happy that I found Moa at Starbucks that random Sunday evening some weeks ago. She is so sweet and we clicked right away. It’s awesome since we’re both gonna be here for many more months :).

I got home around 1am and today I had to get up at 7. It wasn’t too bad though, I was really excited about the beach volleyball tournament!

To be continued…

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