Next class?

I’m sitting here thinking about my next class. It’s so hard to decide so I thought I maybe could get some help from my readers.

Drawing: Focus on Perception (beginner)
Learn basic drawing techniques through a variety of instructor demonstrations, guided in-class exercises and homework projects. Topics include contour drawing, positive and negative space, perspective, shading and composition.
3 credits, $275

Project Management Essentials in Science and Technology
Effective project management skills are important to professionals in any industry. This particular course is geared to those students interested or working in the life of sciences, engineering, and technology fields. Students will learn how to define, plan and execute a project, whether the goal is simple or complex, gain, the tools and knowledge for delivering projects on time and on budget, while meeting performance specifications explore the basic components of project management and the project life cycle.
3 credits, $540

Scientific and Technical Writing for Non-Native English Speakers
Designed for primarily for non-native speakers with advanced English proficiency, this course covers essential skills for writing well in scientific or technical settings.
3 credits, $325

German for Communication I
Includes the present tense, personal pronouns, ,possessive adjectives, the accusative case, and word order. Topics include the family, weather, telling time, describing the home and favorite pastimes.
3 credits, $295

The Physiology of Exercise
Exercise physiology, the study of human physical performance, draws its research base from applied exercise physiology, sports medicine, metabolism and nutrition. This course provides foundation for a thorough understanding of this field. Topics include: cardiopulomanary and muscle anatomy and physiology; energy pathways; muscle contraction; thermoregulation; caloric consumption assessment and expenditure; body composition; health screening and rish assessment; exercise prescription; and metabolism.
3 credits, $340

Introduction to Sustainability
Get an introduction to the basic of environmental sustainability – energy, transportation, water use, recycling, and natural resource life cycles. Discover ways individuals, organizations, and governments can manage resources in a responsible manner, with minimal impact on natural surroundings and climate. Learn scientific methods for measuring the effectiveness of eco-friendly practices, wheter in kolowatt-hours of energy use, acre-feet of reclaimed water, or greenhouse gas emissions.
3 credits, $415

I didn’t put these in any other order than they appeared in the UCSD summer catalog. What to choose?

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