Confusing class

Last nights class was the one I really had troubles with. Everything so far has been easy enough, even though I’m not understanding what the teacher says, I know what he means and I do it withouth thinking. But last night was about connected speech. I didn’t have any troubles with that, but the part where he told us about the z sounds in almost every word in the English language!! There is no way of knowing when to turn the s into a z. He said that if the consonant at the end of the word is voiced the s turns into a z but since I don’t understand unvoiced/voiced I really can’t tell. But me and Karin decided to turn all s into z’s and hopefully no one will hear when it’s wrong. It’s way harder with the s in the middle of a word… Stupid Z!

Today was a really nice day. Me and the boy spent the morning at the community park throwing a tennisball and catching with a baseball glove. It was cold.

For lunch we had quesidillas which was really good. The boy only had cheese in his but I had salsa sauce and ham as well! Yummie.

After lunch I spent an hour in the gym working my butt off. This workout schedule I have is pretty intense and I get real tired after. But I love that feeling!

After school there were more school; Swedish. It’s nice when I can sit down and talk with Karin and Jessica for a few hours. She is going to New Orleans tomorrow, hopefully she will have it warmer than I had when I was there.

Now it’s bedtime and I’m thinking about if I should start watching the fourth Star Wars movie or no. Or if I should get a lot of hours of sleep, or read… Tough decisions!

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