Sunday work

Another weekend has come to its end. As quickly as usual… Where do all the days go?

Last night I started to watch Star Wars 1 but were too tired to stay awake through it all so I continued when I woke up this morning after a real long and nice sleep-in until 11:30am. Around noon I got up and made breakfast, french toast and mango slices. Sooo delicious!

Two hours later I had to work for a few hours. My h-mom and the girl went dress shopping and the boy really didn’t want to go with them so I spent the afternoon with him.

We ate dinner at Rubios, had a cupcake for dessert and I’m still under my daily calorie intake. It helps to get up late in the mornings. But I guess it’s the same on weekdays when I’m skipping breakfast.

Now I will get to bed and start watching the second Star Wars movie.

Today, it is also just one month left until my mom gets here, can’t wait!

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