Only two more classes and I’m starting to feel a little stressed about what my next class should be. I will post what I’m thinking about soon, now I’m too tired.

In tonights class I was paired up with a Japanese guy and the days theme was Emphasis. I actually had a hard time on that, but only because I didn’t understand it. When we did the exercises my teacher said my reading was perfect, but I had no idea what words I emphasized on. So I told him I didn’t think, just said what I thought sounded right and he kinda gave my a look that said: ”What are you doing here?”. Haha! My partner also said perfect after every time I read something. He couldn’t give me any criticism.

We talked a lot about travels and that he and his wife had been in southern Europe once and wanted to go to the northern part like Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I said that I wanted to go to Asia some day, Japan and Malaysia preferably. He said definitely Malaysia, Indonesia and even Thailand. And in Japan he suggested Kyoto because it was typical Japanese. Tokyo is just big! But I want to go there anyway, it’s been a dream since I was a tiny kid.

The intermittent fasting worked very well today. I wasn’t more hungry than usually at lunchtime but tomorrow is gonna be a little harder since I didn’t have a proper dinner tonight and I’m already hungry. But I will try not to fall to the temptation of eating before lunch and drink a lot of water instead.

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