Springtime cupcakes

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Yesterday morning and this morning was the same. When I got to the kitchen to take the dishes out of the dishing machine the girl was already there doing it for me. And she had already eaten breakfast and thought it was fun making her own breakfast. Sweet girl :). The only difference today from yesterday was that I saw a coyote right outside our garden fence. It’s the second coyote I see in San Diego and this was walking right outside our house!

The day otherwise was very calm. I didn’t go to the gym, every other day my PT said. So I lie in my bed reading and then I fell asleep for a while.

In the afternoon I baked some cupcakes with the girl. Vanilla cupcakes with frosting and fondant shaped like flower petals. They are really pretty. Don’t know how they taste yet, but I guess pretty good!

They boy was invited to a birthday party today so my hostmom took him and the girl there at 5:15 which meant that I got off work at that time. It was really nice, but I didn’t have anything to do because I didn’t have plans until 8:15. So I watched some series and took a shower.

My plans for the evening was a goodbye dinner for Maj in downtown. She is extending her year and is moving to New York on Sunday evening. We went to the Yard House, a restaurant on 4th Ave. I fell in love with that restaurant. The hawaiian hamburger was awesome and they had like a million different beers. Not that I like beer, but I think my mom would like that place so I’m taking her there when she gets here.

After me and Karin didn’t come along to a bar so we went to Extraordinary Desserts, a ”fika” place in downtown. I didn’t really want anything because I was so full, but I couldn’t resist. So I bought a carrot cake to go and I’m eating it now. It’s really good! But I feel bad because this intermittent fasting thing is going so well. I’ve lost 2,5lbs the last two days and I am okay with not eating breakfast. But it’s the weekend, so I think it’s okay to make it a little more luxurious.

I can’t really do this fasting thing on weekends since I usually have a late dinner. So tomorrow I wont eat breakfast again but I’m gonna pack a snack/food to eat when I get hungry. I’ve planned to stay at the beach the whole day tomorrow with the new girl who just got here. Maybe Vasoula will join us later too!

Now I really have to go to bed, my alarm will go off at 6:45…

Springtime Cupcakes Extraordinary Desserts

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