A hard workout

I’m so exhausted and pumped out of energy right now it’s ridiculous. I talked with my PT at the gym and he said that I should do these two workouts for two weeks and then make a new appointment. I think I need more time than that, I’m so out of shape! After the warmup on the stairmaster I was super tired. And after an hour of weight lifting with little time in between exercises to catch breath, I was dead afterward. I’m still dead and it hurts so much in all of my body! Especially the chest and thighs. I hope I will get into it soon enough.

My mom gave me a link today with an article about intermittent fasting which was really interesting. Since nothing seems to work when it comes to losing weight I’m gonna try this. So I’m gonna try the least hard version of this called 16/8, you fast for 16 hours and eat during the days last 8 hours. It means that I will skip breakfast if I’m eating dinner at 7pm and lunch the next day at 11am. I’m gonna try tomorrow and see how it works. It’s okay to drink if it doesn’t contains calories so I will start my day tomorrow with a cup of tea.

My hostdad went to Asia this morning and he’s gonna be gone for two weeks. It will probably mean a little more work again, but to be honest I didn’t feel like I was working more the last time so this won’t be a problem at all. When he’s back the kids only have one more week of school, and that weekend I will go to Phoenix and a little more than a week later my mom will come. And when she is here half my year has already passed. Crazy thought that makes me a little sad. I love the kids and it’s gonna be so hard saying goodbye to them. This night when the boy said goodnight to me and gave me all those hugs he gives me every night, he told me he loved me more than googolplex and that I am the best nanny ever. The girl gives me a lot of hugs all the time as well and tell me how much she loves me. I don’t want to leave these two cuties! But two comforting thoughts are that I actually have eight months left and I will see them again in two years when they are visiting Sweden :). The boy is gonna hug my cats all the time when he’s there, haha!

Now I will go to bed and watch Game of Thrones episode 7. The third season is soon at an end…

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