The Great Gatsby

Just got home from an evening in Mira Mesa with 5 other au pairs. I’ve been meeting so many new au pairs lately it’s crazy. At 8pm we met up at Applebee’s for dinner. I had sirloin with shrimp and it was really good. We had to hurry after so we wouldn’t miss the movie across the street at 9:15pm. Fortunately it was commercials and trailers until 9:40 so we didn’t miss anything. But since it was premiere night and you don’t have seat numbers here in the Sates we got the worst seats ever, first row… We’ll se tomorrow if I will have any neck pains.

The movie was okay. I didn’t understand any of it so I think I have to read the book! But it was well done and pretty with the 20’s theme.

Before that I spent most of my afternoon outside watching the boy playing with his two different playdates. And later in the evening the girl and her playdate too. When I was sitting there on the curb and my hostdad was home he told me a really funny thing. Today at his work there had been a tiny mouse. It dissappeared after a while but some people went home because there was a mouse in the building. That’s so ridicolous, haha! Mouses aren’t that dangerous.

In my freetime I was at the pool reading. Well, reading for 20 minutes before I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more and slept the last hour. I’m glad my sunscreen is working :).

It’s super late now and tomorrow I have to be at Ponto Beach at 8am to play some beach volleyball for the first time since I left Sweden. It’s gonna be so much fun and I hope I haven’t forgotten too much. I’m not sure what to wear, in the mornings it is really cold and I don’t have any warm exercise clothes here… I guess I have to run a round a lot!

Good night/morning!

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