3 weeks of class left

This class has been very easy. I think I am to good at speaking American English, but I learn a lot of stuff I had no idea about before. But it is a bit confusing though when you are thinking about your speech. Tonight was about how to shorten words and how to intonate sentences. I think I did pretty good on all the excersises. But it’s going better if I’m not thinking about what he’s saying.

Before that me and both the kids were doing Mothers Day’s cards. The boy wasn’t so happy about it, but when I told him he could do something card-like on a toilet paper roll he shone up and started painting the roll and writing and drawing hearts on it. Pretty and special!

After school, and before our arts and crafting, we had a little visit to Starbucks and their Frappucino Happy Hour, half price on all the frappucinos. I tried Chai Frappucino and it was really good. Almost as good as the warm one.

The day didn’t start very good. I overslept, my second time since I got here. I woke up at 7:30 am when the girl knocked on my door. At first I thought I accidently turned off my alarm like I did two months ago. But when I got up I realized that my phone was dead. My first thought was that it broke down like a month ago. But when I plugged it in the computer it started charging. Puh!

I can proudly say that today was the first day in a very long time that I ate my daily calorie goal of 1400. Now I just need to get every day to be like that! Easier said than done unfortunately…

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