Four months

My day started with an animal I haven’t seen here yet, a racoon! It was walking right outside the fence when I had breakfast, cool!

Before lunch I spent my time at a swim center close by because the boy started his swimming lessons today. Here in America the kids learn how to crawl before they learn how to swim ”normally”. It’s awesome and I’m super jealous. I want to learn how to crawl so I can start swimming at my gym as conditioning.

In my freetime I didn’t so much, watched an episode of Two and a Half Men and then slept a little. After school the boy had a playdate and me and the girl were inside making cards for mothers day on Sunday. It’s nice sitting down doing arts and craft with them. I’m hoping maybe me and the boy can do something tomorrow afternoon when the girl is at soccer practice.

For dinner tonight I made tacos. It was good but kinda spicy, don’t know why, I did exactly as I usually do. But everyone ate and were happy anyway! It was a very nice dinner tonight, a lot of laughter and conversation :).

I can’t believe one third of my year is already done. It’s still eight months left wich is quite much, but four months passed so fast! I am glad I’ve been doing a lot of fun stuff already so I won’t feel stressed out when I only have one third left.

Time goes by too fast… But at the same time I want it to go faster. I can’t wait till I go to San Luis Obispo (I have to book those flight tickets soon!), Phoenix and when mom comes. June is gonna be a packed month!

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