May Gray

I heard that nickname today and I totally understand it. It has been raining the whole day and it’s probably gonna be cloudy the whole month. It’s just the way it is in California in the spring apperantly. But on the other hand, the summer is gonna go on until October, so I’m not complaining.

Before lunch I went with the boy to the hair salon. He was super handsome when he came out of the chair. The hairdresser is a Swedish one and she was really nice.

In my freetime I read in the UCSD Extension catalogue and there are so many courses. I think I’m gonna skip the environmental course and take something else instead but I have no idea what! That weekend course in LA about how to write a resumé and so on seems awesome too. I have some time to decide fortunately!

After school we were watching the girl’s musical in the school cafeteria. We didn’t see the whole thing, it was two hours, and went home instead.

At the dinner table we had the door to the backyard open and we heard coyotes! I haven’t seen any here yet but they live right next to our house in the big ditch. Scary!

Now I’m gonna go to bed and watch the new episode of Game of Thrones! 🙂

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