Carlsbad Street Faire

My fifth LCC meeting was today, we were four girls + one friend walking around in Carlsbad downtown at the annual Street Faire. It was fun and nice. And apperantly something you have to do while in the States, going to a street faire. When my LCC saw me she said that I was getting prettier and prettier for everytime she saw me and that I have a really nice tan. She is so nice and she loved my tattoo and was super happy for me that my mom is coming to visit so soon! I like her :).

I didn’t buy anything except for lunch consisting of a teriyaki chicken stick and a bb corn on the cob. Then we went in to the ”cool” area where you could drink. I didn’t because I was driving but we listened to the band playing live for a while. After that we thought we were pretty much done with the street faire. I went to Oceanside and a store called JoAnn. I wanted to buy thin ribbons to make a new footlink. I’m half done and so far it looks nice.

I was home for a little while, had a delicious dinner with the family and then I went to Mira Mesa to meet up Jessica at Starbucks. When I got there Jessica stood and talked to Maj and Pernille who had decided to spend their night there too. A weird coincidence. But what was more a weird coincidence was that the girls at the table next to ours looked Swedish and were Swedish! One Swedish au pair, her sister and one German au pair. Haha! We talked for a while and when they went home me and Jessica started doing what we were supposed to do, book flight + hotel to Phoenix in June! We found the perfect flight tickets so we don’t have to get off early from work and we will get 2 whole days in Phoenix. $250 for the whole weekend is pretty awesome. I’m super excited, it’s gonna be so much fun :).

I heard about a weekend course in LA tonight that seems nice. $350 and you learn how to write a resumé, how to act at a job interview and stuff like that. I’m gonna look into that and we’ll see what I’ll do. It’s too bad it’s so expensive to study here, there are a lot of courses I would like to take. I got a UCSD Extension catalog with all the summer courses yesterday. I will take a look in that one tomorrow!

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