Beach volleyball at the beach

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

It wasn’t so hard to get up at 7am on a Saturday morning as I thought. But I was really dissapointed when I looked out. Cloudy and it almost looked as if it would start to rain. But I ate breakfast, and put on my exercise clothes. I got there a few minutes before 8 and there were already four players playing. They introduced themselves and when another guy came I warmed up with him. I was a little rusty but it came back to me so fast! My first game was a few minutes later with a guy called Richard. We won with almost 15-0. After that I played with a lot of different guys and girls. I played mostly at the advanced court but at the beginner court too. I played with a beginner called Kristen and after our game we talked a lot. She just moved here from North Carolina and I will probably see more of her. I’m definitely gonna start playing with these guys. It was so much fun and especially since the weather today was perfect! It was cloudy, so no sun in the eyes. No wind whatsoever and it wasn’t too warm to play for a couple of hours. I noticed that I started to get really tired after two hours and sat next to the courts watching. In the background was the ocean, the sun started to peek out and soon enough not a single cloud could be seen as far as you could see. There were hardly any waves today so no surfers but there were a lot of people standing on boards paddling in the water. I totally forgot what that’s called, but I know that I’m gonna try it on the LCC meeting in July. Dolphins were in the water too and I was so happy. I couldn’t understand that this is my life now. I’m practically living at the beach and from now on I will spend all my Saturday mornings at Ponto Beach playing what I love!

At noon I drove home, took a shower, had a little lunch and then Vasoula picked me up and we drove to San Diego. Our first stop was at UCSD Bookstore. It was huge and inside were so much stuff! I bought a hoodie and a tanktop. I paid with my giftcard I got from my family so I didn’t feel that I ”lost” money on my account. Vasoula didn’t want to buy anything but she got out of there with a tanktop in a bag too, haha. I’m a bad influence on her.

Next stop was Full Circle Tattoo were she made an appointment for Monday. She took a late time so I could follow her there after work because I get off much later than her. The guy in the reception recognized me and told me my tattoo was healing very well and that I could start with my workout again! Awesome! I have big plans for my workout from now on. I’m gonna do the schedule I got from my PT, weight lifting three times a week. At least twice I’m gonna swim at the gym (or in the community pool maybe, if there aren’t so many kids, which it usually isn’t between noon and 3pm) And I will try to play beach volleyball at least twice every week. They have meetings on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. They are playing from 3pm to sunset and since the sun is setting pretty late now I think I might be able to play a little after work.

Our third stop was Las Americas where we met Karin and Victoria, a big Premium outlet mall at the border to Mexico. It was bigger than the one here in Carlsbad. I liked it! I managed to not buy anything until the last hour of our stay there when we entered the Nike Factory Store… Since I’m working out so much I need more work out clothes so I bought another pair of shorts that match my neon yellow sports bra. They are grey on the outside and yellow inside. I also bought a tanktop and a new black sports bra. Exactly the same as the one I have but I need one to switch with. When I paid I was looking for Karin and Victoria at the shoes department. Bad idea… I found a really nice pair of shoes to wear at the gym. It’s the same there, always good to switch with something. They were on a big sale so it wasn’t so bad. But I did feel a little bad, I wasn’t supposed to buy anything today. But I needed it :).

After our shopping (I wasn’t the only one buying a lot of stuff from the Nike store) we drove to Fashion Valley were we met Jessica, Maj and Pernille. We ate at a restaurant called Stacked. I never knew it was there but it was an awesome restaurant. First of all, you ordered on iPads on the table, and second, you could order whatever you wanted. You could pick ingredients for your salad, burger or pizza. I took a salad, but one that was already on the menu. Chicken, pecans, cranberries and more things I really don’t remember. It was really good. I felt so good about myself after two hours in the sand and a salad for dinner so I ordered a ice cream sundae too. One that I picked the ingredients for myself. Yummy, but cold.

Back home and I am so tired now. But I had a really great day :). But tomorrow me and Vasoula are going to the beach, far away from stores, just to relax the whole day. Lets hope it’s nice weather tomorrow too!

Border to Mexico  The Mexican border.UCSD Clothes

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