Swarm of bees

Today I experienced something again for the very first time. There’s a lot of firsts here! Me and the boy spent the morning at the soccer field in a community park and while we were there playing around I heard this buzzing sound. When I looked closer at the boy who had the boy I saw a big and black cloud closing in on him from behind. It was like a thousand bees! They came straight toward me and I had no idea what to do so I just stood there watching the panic rise in the boys eyes. He didn’t freak out as much as I was afraid of, I don’t think it’s good to run around crazily when you have a swarm of bees around you. Before I knew it the bees where gone, they just flew right pass us without stinging either of us. Now at the dinner table my host-dad told me that they do that when there are too many bees in the behive and half of them have to move. Understandable, but a little scary when you’re in their way!

In my freetime today I read in the backyard. Only 400 pages left now! I hope George R.R. Martin hurries on the last two books so I don’t forget too much.

The weather today was awesome! 80F which is almost 27C. Tomorrow’s going to be even warmer, up to 91F! And on Monday it’s gonna be rainy again and down to 66F. The weather here sure is various.

In the afternoon we baked peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies. They were really good! And after that we went out on the street throwing frisbees. And I found out that five houses up the street there is an american nanny. That is really nice :).

My tattoo still hurts and I can’t remember that my other one did that for so many days. It is also still covered with scabs of color. My other one has only thin lines so the scabs fell off very easily in the shower but this just sticks to the skin and looks like a sticker on the skin. I hope it heals soon so I can continue with my exercise!

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