Swedish theatre

A new week has begun and will soon be over too, like all the other weeks. I feel like it is both weekdays and weekends all the time. At the same time! It’s such a weird feeling and I know that I’ve written in like a million times but I can’t grasp the flow of time anymore. In one week it’s already been four months!!

Today was like most days, except that the weather was really cold. I was hoping that it would get better after lunch as it normally does, but no. It was cloudy and cold all day which wasn’t so nice at Swedish School where all the parents wait outside. It was Swedish School today instead of Thursday because of a Swedish theatre that were playing tonight. It was about magicians and was definitely meant for kids, but it was okay.

In my freetime I went to the Victoria’s Secret store here in Carlsbad to return my bikini that I ordered online. It was easy to just go there, return the clothes and order new ones. And I will even get $5 back for bigger sizes of the same bikini. Awesome!

Then I went home, took a quick shower and then picked up the kids from school and now I’m ready to go to bed, early for once :).

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