The pool x2

Today was the warmest day since I got here. It was awesome! But it was kinda strange to sweat at 8:30am. Our thermometer said it was mid 80s F which is around 28C. The boy ran his usual four laps which is ¼ of a mile while we waited for the girls’ school to start. That school has a running club and a lot of the kids run at recess which is great. I found out about two weeks ago that the boy can get credited for the laps he runs in the morning and since I know that he really wanted to have more than 50 miles at the end of the year I’ve been encouraging him to run every morning and he is really happy that he has 50 miles now, five weeks before school ends. Kindergarten has two running days per week so he has limited time to finish all his running cards. One card in kindergarten is 5 miles and I think he just started on his 10th card. I’m impressed that a six-year-old has that huge ambition and follows it through.

Before lunch it was too warm to be outside for him so we sat inside painting and doing puzzles in his ant book. He recently got his ants to his gel ant farm and along with it came a book with interesting facts about ants and some puzzles. I think him and I should sit down some day and read it.

In my freetime I went to the pool. I only had one hour there but it was enough. I read some and got some new powers for the afternoon.

But when I picked up the kids from school they asked me if we could go to the pool. So we went there again and it was really too bad I couldn’t play so much with them because of the tattoo. The guy who did it specifically told me not to go in to any jacuzzis, saunas or swimming pools until it has healed. That sucks. But it shouldn’t be too long. We did some playing though and I had a really great time with the kids at the pool with all the other million children.

Dinner was takout from Cheesecake Factory, really good! Then I spent the evening with the kids and my hostmom in the living room watching Disney Channel. Kinda fun that I already know all the character in the shows the kids watch and I’m excited when commercials for new episodes run, haha!

Now I’m watching some series and soon I will be sounds asleep. I am so tired and tomorrow’s gonna be a long day at Universal Studios with Jessica, Maj, and Pernille :).

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