Behind the wheel test – PASS

I just got home from a super nice dinner in Del Mar with my friends. My last LCC meeting were held in a park in Del Mar and on the way there I saw these super cute restaurants along the road and was thinking that I really wanted to go there someday. That someday was today. I had no idea where we were going but when I got there I got happy. There were pretty lights everywhere and the food was really good. We went to an Italian restaurant called Il Fornaio. I couldn’t decide what to take so after a long time of thinking I took the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.

Everyone was super tired after a week of work. More tired than usually for some odd reason… So we drove home after the dinner but we decided to go to a paint party in San Diego tomorrow, that’s gonna be super fun! Me and Jessica, the travel freaks asked around if someone wanted to go to Universal Studios next Saturday and it turned out that the Danish girl she brought from Ramona is going there that day with Maj. What are the odds?! So they are gonna unrent their car and we are going all four in Jessica’s car instead, way cheaper! So much going on all the time :).

And tomorrow in the day, there is a big garage sale in our neighborhood. I’ve heard it’s gonna be quite chaotic, but it’s gonna be fun to experience a real American garage sale. My host kids have picked out a lot of outgrown clothes they are gonna sell tomorrow.


Okay, and now to the biggest thing that happened today! My freetime was spent at the DMV office in Oceanside. First I got there extra early so I had time to take a new photo for my driver license. Then I had to stand in a short line to let them know that I was there and ready for my behind the wheel test.

My hostmum drove me to the driver test line where we waited for the examinator. I was kinda afraid of what kind of person I would get. Karin told me that hers where a super grumpy man. But when he came there laughing and started to talk with us it felt much better. He was really nice and told me that it was natural to be nervous but that I just should do my best. The test was about ten minutes. Plus five minutes in the beginning in the car where he asked me to point out stuff in the car. No errors! I did get six errors on my driving though. It felt like I drove perfectly, but I missed the signal when I was parking, which I never do when I’m driving alone, I ALWAYS use the signal, even when I’m alone on the road. And he told me that I missed checking behind my shoulder a few times. And on the notes afterward I saw that he didn’t think that I used the brake when I made a right turn. But if I’m going slow enough I don’t have to hit the brake. You could have 15 errors so I guess I did pretty well anyway. I passed, and that’s the most important thing!

In two-three weeks time I have my California driver license! Yeay! 😀

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