Swedish school

I forgot to write something last night. For me it was huge and I can’t believe I forgot about it. I drove all the way to Karin in Del Mar yesterday without using the GPS. I also drove to UCSD without it and then home. That felt really good. Now I don’t only feel comfortable driving in Carlsbad, but in San Diego too. Awesome!

Today I went to the gym in the afternoon and that was pretty much it today. I’ve been super tired for unknown reasons. I am really looking forward to the weekend so I can rest a little. I don’t have so much planned except for a dinner tomorrow right after work with some girls, maybe going to the beach on Saturday and the tattoo on Sunday. Palm tree on the wrist it is :).

Directly after school me and the kids went to Swedish school. If it’s nice weather it’s really nice sitting there for two hours while the kids learn about Sweden. Me and Jessica changed our Phoenix plans to the second weekend in June instead of last weekend of May. Don’t think it will be too hot, I hope not, I like warmth. We also talked about maybe going to Six Flags or Universal Studios next weekend.

Now I’m gonna go to bed and mentally prepare for tomorrow!! Wish me luck 🙂

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