The pool

Today was the community garage sale so my host family had put out a lot of old and outgrown clothes on the driveway this morning. For once I was up at 9am to go to the gym but I couldn’t drive out with my car. So I decided to go to the pool instead. When I got there at 10:30 I was all alone and was pretty much alone for two hours. I read a lot, did a little swimming, 20×2 lengths in the pool. I think the pool was about 20-30m. And I also slept a little. In the afternoon all the kids came and I had to change the sound of screaming peacocks to my relaxing playlist in my phone.

In total I was at the pool by myself for six hours. It was a really nice day. I had sunscreen on my whole body and didn’t get burned anywhere except for a few places on the back where the girl missed when she helped me. I also forgot my face because I normally use Proactivs’ sunscreen. So I got pretty red, but not as bad as it could have been. Good thing I already have a decent tan. And I have a really good aloe after sun cream.

When I got home I took a shower and then got picked up by Jessica and Pernille. We drove to Vasoula and Anna and then to San Diego to get to the big paint party. But when we got there we were told it was sold out so we drove home again.

Probably for the best since everyone were really tired.

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