A broken car

Two days ago the warning lamp in the car told me that one of the stop lights were out. Typical! The car was at the workshop like just four weeks ago. Yesterday the warning light told me I had to get the airbag system checked and soon thereafter the whole dashboard stopped working. Everything was at zero! And when it’s not at zero it’s stucked at like 40mph or something. It’s a good thing I’ve driven so much car that I have a feeling how fast I’m going, and when that’s not possible I have my GPS to show me the speed.

My hostdad googled this and apperantly this is a common error in that years Volvo V70’s. So he just had to order a new dashboard. I hope it’s gonna work out fine!

Class tonight wasn’t as good as it was the last two times. I thought it was gonna be interesting talking about how to speak more naturally. But all he said I already knew. Like phrasing (when to pause) and intonation. I think Swedish and English is kinda similiar when it comes to those two things. But it’s still a nice way to spend 3 credits. No homework and no tests :).

The weather is better. This week has been really really cold and today when I woke up it was a blue sky. It was windy though. This years weather has been unnatural like everywhere in the world. The spring is apperantly in Sweden now, but here it’s just weird. Some days in February were warmer than they are now in the middle of April. I’m blaming global warming and hoping for a warm summer!

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