An awesome workout

Just got home from the gym and my whole body is sore again. First one intense hour of weightlifting, my second PT program and then 35 minutes on the elliptical machine. First time I ever try that one and it was nice! It wasn’t so hard as it looks and you burned 300 calories. My cardio from now on is gonna be on that machine! Warm up is still gonna be the stairmaster though. Five minutes and you are sweating!

Vasoula spent one hour at a Zumba class and after we were in the jacuzzi and sauna for a while. I feel really good!

This morning was the first I overslept since I got here. I must have accidently turned off my alarm in my sleep but fortunately I woke up 7:25, five minutes before I start working. But I didn’t get a proper breakfast and it was kinda hectical for me when I had to prepare breakfast for the kids, make lunch for the girl and empty the dishwasher at the same time.

In my freetime I slept for a while. I knew that I didn’t have time to do my workout in the afternoon so I did it in the evening instead. My next session is on Thursday and we are gonna talk a little about Nutrition and hopefully we will go through my third workout. I think at least we are gonna have three days a week.

LA Fitness posted a ten week work out routine on their blog today and since you have to alternate exercises the whole time I think I will alternate with that one.

Now I’m gonna go to bed, I’m soooo tired…

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