PT #3

According to my PT I have to change my diet. I eat way too much carbs and I don’t see how I can change that. The only thing I can change a little is breakfast and lunch. So I did som shopping now after the gym, bought a lot of fruits/berries, cottage cheese and more bread with less carbs. If I just keep thinking about that for a while I will probably start losing weight for real.

Now I have two programs that I should alternate between every other day. So for these next two weeks I will try it out and then get my last appointment where he will tell me how to continue so I see as much progress as possible. He has told me some already, but it’s too much to think about, so I think he will write it down for me.

After school I went to the Swedish School with the kids and the mom for the first time since I got here. It was very nice, I met Karin and Jessica there and we could sit out in the sun while the kids were learning about Sweden.

I had to go home a little earlier though because Vasoula wanted to take me with her to a class at LA Fitness; Hip Hop dance. It was super hard, but she said that I was really good for my first time. I don’t think I will do that again though, it was more choreography than dancing calories off. So on Monday I’m gonna try Zumba with her. I think that’s more for me if I want to lose weight. Zumba is focusing on dancing instead of how to dance.

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