Stupid Z

Just got home from my second class and I am kinda insecure about my English now. We talked about consonants today and unvoiced and voiced sounds and that really confused me. I don’t think I had so much of a trouble with it before, but now when I think about it. Oh my god English is difficult…

My biggest problem though is till the z. I can pronounce it but I don’t know when and in which words!! Super annoying…

My day was nice, I spent some time in the backyard reading. The boy had a playdate on the street with some other kids so I sat outside for a while there too. It’s been a really peaceful day. And I love my book. I’m always halfthrough all the 1100 pages. And that kinda sucks…

This year, my birthday is gonna be the longest ever. In Sweden it’s been my birthday since 3pm this afternoon and it won’t stop until 33 hours later, awesome.

I’ve already gotten a present from my sweet cousin Ella! Haven’t opened it yet, but I’m super curious about what it is!

I think tomorrow is gonna be the best birthday in at least three years :).

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