Crazy Cali

Yesterday was cold and windy. Today was sunny and warm. It’s crazy how fast the weather can change here. So my freetime was spent in the backyard reading. All of my body hurts like hell after the work out last night so it felt good doing nothing. But I actually went for a walk. Instead of driving 1,5 miles I walked a shorter way to school when I was picking up the kids from school. We took a longer way home and in total I walked 3.5km which is pretty nice!

The dinner tonight was good too. I made a fish/shrimp stew with pasta and the girl loved it!! I thought it was really good too, tasted like fish pudding but more liquidy.

The MyFitnessPal app is awesome btw. You can even scan the barcodes and it recognizes the calories in that product. That app is gonna make my life easier from now on. Another thing that made me happy today is that I’ve lost 4 lbs since last week. I think that’s a “lagom” pace. But I really miss sweets… But on Thursday there will be cake, yay! 😀 And that will be okay!

Now it is high time for the season premiere of Game of Thrones! I could borrow a friends’ login to HBOGO and that made my day again! Awesomeballs!

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