PT #1

I think these four sessions with Chris is gonna be worth the money. He totally understood what I wanted and gave me some really good advice. So far we went through three good exercises that together trained the whole body. The exercises I’ve been doing are focusing on one muscle group while these focus on more. So these are the new kind of exercises I will do. After our session he told me to do all three. Three sets, first 21 reps, then 15 and last 9. It was really hard and now my whole body is shaking and feels like spaghetti! Pull-ups, push-ups and sitting squats.

Even though I have a genetic error with my calves he told me that that wouldn’t stop me from doing squats. He just told me to do them differently and that worked perfectly fine!

He also told me about an app called MyFitnessPal. I actually have it, but I’ve never used it but it seems pretty nice actually. So instead of writing by hand every day, I think I will use that instead, it has all the calories already so you don’t have to do the math by yourself.

My next session is as soon as on Thursday. Good way to spend my birthday!

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