Birthday number 22

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This birthday was really nice. Though I have to admit it didn’t quite feel like a  birthday (like normal I guess when you’re getting older). Anyways, I got breakfast in bed today, a big cupcake! And the girl had made me a ”drawing” to put in my room (I asked for one). It was a lot of post it notes  where it said: ”Alexandra is the best!! Alexandra is amazingly talented and…. AWESOME! Alexandra Bemm is a shooting …” and then a star ”Love you”. Cutest thing ever! I love my host children :). The kids sat with me in bed while I ate (and of course shared a little of) my cupcake. Super cozy! I didn’t have to empty the dishwasher or do the girls’ lunch so I had an easy morning. Directly after I left the girl at school the boy had a playdate which gave me some time to skype with my mom. I really miss her! And I’m really looking forward to when she is coming to visit in the summer. We have never done this kind of vacation together before so I’m really excited!

I made lunch for me and the boy, drove him to school and then off to the gym for my PT #2. He showed me a lot of new exercises that I think will be one day out of my three work out days from now on. This new schedule seems very complicated but I guess I will learn eventually. My muscles still hurt since Monday and I think it will be worse tomorrow, especially my hamstrings and shoulders. He taught me how to do the deadlift today, it is really hard!

We made a new appointment for next Thursday and until then I have homework, do both days at the gym, preferably Saturday and Monday or Tuesday. I have good notes so I hope it won’t be any problems.

After school we went to Cold Stone Creamery (an ice cream store). I figured since it’s my birthday I might as well spoil myself a bit.

At six we had a table reservation at a resutarant called Shogun in San Marcos. It was a Japanese restaurant where they cooked your food right at the table. It was super nice! The food was really good too. The cook built a volcano out of onion rings and then poured something in it and then lit it. The flame was huuuge!

When they found out that we were there celebrating my birthday they brought me a dessert, green tea ice cream with fried bananas, which I shared with the rest of the family. The ice crem was surprisingly good.

That was a really nice experience!

When we got home it was time for some homemade meringue cake. It wasn’t crispy as it should have been but oh my god it was good! I love when pastries are tough!

I got two presents by mail. The one from my cousin yesterday and one from Hanna. From Ella I got three awesome drawings, a bag of Polly (my favorite) and a cute card where she wished me a happy birthday. Inside were also a pretty picture of her. My heart melted! ❤ She also sent me an email today which was so cutely written by her.

From Hanna I got a package of three body products, body lotion, shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath (a fun combination) and body polishing scrub. They smell of passion fruit daiquiri, awesome! 🙂 I also got some perfume samples. Very sweet of her! Thank you so much, if you are reading :).

From my host family I got a gift card I can use wherever I want, that is really awesome! 🙂 Why don’t they have those kinds of cards in Sweden?

To sum it up, this day was really nice! To be able to walk around in a summer dress on my birthday was definitely a first.

Birthday skype When I was skyping with my mom Stuff came up to the computer, stared into the camera and mjaued a few times. When I realized I should take a printscreen she turned her head around…

Gift from EllaGift from Hanna Onion volcano I took out the camera too late, I missed the flame…

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