Tax refund

Today I got a really nice message from my mom. She got my letter that says how much I’m gonna get in tax refunds this year, and it was 7753 kr which is awesome!!

A funny thing that happened was that I really felt American today. I went grocery shopping and when I got home and was taking out the bags from the trunk of the car, one of the bags broke and I had to hold onto the bag with all my upper body. We don’t have paper bags as in the movies, but very thin plastic bags are worthless too and they break very easily. A funny feeling!

I worked late today, not as late as I thought, the meeting my h-mom went to ended an hour earlier but it was still around 7:30pm. So I had the whole day by myself with the kids. For dinner I made homemade pizza again, but they choose what they wanted on their pieces and it was a hit! I didn’t want to make such a big pizza as last time, so one third of the dough became real scones. I’m making pizza with scones bottom. Very appreciated by the kids who love scones!

Tomorrow’s Friday again and this weekend I don’t have any plans except taking it easy. Maybe going to the gym with Vasoula and hang out in the relax area after. Try out the community pool or maybe the beach. It’s gonna  be nice!

I’ve also started to look into what I want to do with all my vacation weeks and travel month at the end of my au pair year. I love to make plans for the future and I like having something to look forward to, doesn’t matter what it is really, I just need something. So far I’ve found a lot of stuff I want to see before I go home to Sweden and I hope it’s possible if I save a lot of money. Then there’s the tax refund I will get in the summer.

I think the parents said that I have vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It would have been really cool to see the Niagara Falls (again, but I can’t really remember anything from the spring of ’92) and maybe stay in Toronto, Canada for a few days. New York would be nice too, but the waterfalls sounds more interesting I think. I’ve been thinking about the invitation I got from Lizzie about going to Mexico and Cancun and staying there with her. That would also be very nice!

For my travel month I really want to go to Hawaii and Florida. All the flights that month would be appr. $900 which is about 6000 SEK, not too bad! Then there’s hotels/hostels and food, but I think it could be managable.

If anyone is interested in seeing these places too, let me know :).

We’ll see. But I feel that when I’m on this side of the Atlantic Ocean I might as well try to see as much as possible. It’s a great opportunity since I love traveling and seeing new things (and besides, flights are cheap here)!

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