The Croods

I just got home from the movies with my h-mom and the kids. We saw the Croods and it was really good! And I’m really looking forward to the summer when more fun movies are coming! (I love animated movies  ;)).

This was the first time I was at the movies here in the US. A small drink was like a large in Sweden and you didn’t get seats, you had to choose when you got inside. Weird.

At the gym I had made an appointment for a body scan and measurement. So that’s what I did instead of working out. I don’t remember the numbers, but I think my upperarms is about 4cm bigger since before I got here, and that is not fat. My arms are the only part of me where I really can see improvement. My thighs, hips and core have gained a lot of fat and that’s why I was curious about my new body fat percent. It was 23%, just 1,1% more than before I got here, but I can feel the difference. And according to the guy helping me, a girl at age 21 should have 9-15% body fat. That’s just crazy! So according to him I need to lose  around 12 pounds. Which is actually less than what I’ve gained since I got here… So, I bought an early birthday present for myself, a month with 4 PT sessions with one of the master trainers at my gym. First session on Monday. He will help me find a work out schedule with exercises that fits me, apparently google can’t help you with everything. I really hope that this works, because I don’t like myself right now… I miss the old, slim me! When I had a BMI less than 20.

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