First day at school

I think I will learn some things from this class. The teacher was really good and he already knew what kind of troubles a Swedish speaking person has. For example I didn’t know that I couldn’t pronounce the words with the z-sound. I keep saying s instead, easy or realise. Maybe a little, but I think that’s one of my major problems. I’ll probably find some more as I go to more classes.

I won’t get rid of my accent though, but I will be better at speaking naturally and more effective after this course and that’s good enough!

In my freetime today I was lying in the backyard painting rocks. I did two tiny shoes for the kids and some more for my window. I found eight triangles earlier today so I made a pizza. I think I burnt myself though, it hurt on my butt and upper back when I was in class. Haven’t looked at it yet, but I don’t think it’s that bad, otherwise I would have seen it when I took a shower.

Anyway, it’s very late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Good night!

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