A broken phone

The happiness from yesterday was gone when I got to bed last night. My phone refused to charge. I tried switching the cord, I tried charging it in the wall and the computer. I tried both cords with my eReader and it worked. Super frustrated and confused. But when I thought about it I realized that the boy had hit my phone with the soccer ball earlier that day. Something must have happened then, because I’ve never had any problems with it before. The 10% of the battery lasted until this morning so I at least had my alarm. I was prepared for being without a phone for a while but in the afternoon I found a laptop repair shop. But apperantly they fix phones too. So I left it there for a little more than an hour and they fixed it! They saw my despair when I got there and put all their guys on it directly. It costed $89 but it’s worth it, I have my life on that stupid phone.

I skipped the gym today because of this. I lay in the sun in the backyard instead for 30 minutes. My tan is getting better and better for every day! And my book is so good. What am I supposed to do the next years while George R.R. Martin writes the next one?

We’ve changed my dinner-day to Tuesday for the next nine weeks since my class at UCSD starts tomorrow. The mom didn’t get home until very late today so I had dinner with the kids alone. I made creamy chicken crêpes which I thought was really good! The kids were as usual with my cooking. Didn’t say much, but probably out of politneness. I have to make dinner on Thursday too and I was thinking about making pizza again but this time they get to choose what they want on their pieces.

Since I thought my phone was lost forever and ever I started looking at new phones. HTC has come out with a new one that is supposed to be released April 19th, HTC One. But on the other hand, Samsungs’ Galaxy S4 is coming almost at the same time. Maybe it’s time to leave HTC and try something new? They are very similiar… We’ll see, but I think I have to buy one before I get home to Sweden at least, way cheaper here ;).

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