April Fools Day

April is already here. The nice warmth isn’t though and that sucks. Today was super windy! The same with yesterday. But eventually it will get warm, according to everyone else. Maybe the weather wants me to use all my jeans before it gets too hot.

Today was really nice and I can’t explain it but I was just so happy! I felt like one of the family a little extra today. Nothing special happened really though. I’ve been super tired since the trip back to SD very early yesterday… I wanted to go to bed at a decent time tonight, but then I wanted to update my blog with photos from New Orleans and Houston and since I took like a million photos it took some time to pick out a few. It was just a good day!

This week will be a lot of extra work for me since the dad is in Brussels for a week. But I don’t mind, I love my kids :).

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