Snakes at kindergarten

When I left the boy at kindergarten at noon his teacher asked all the parents who had time to come inside for ten minutes. There were a veterinary and her son with four snakes. The son told the six-year olds about the different kinds of snake he brought. And afterward they could pet them. And when I was just about to leave his teacher asked: ”Doesn’t A’s nanny want to pet the snakes?” I’m not afraid of snakes so I did it, and oh my god, they were soft! Super cool!

In my freetime I was, once again, in bikini in the backyard reading. It was awesome. The girl was at soccer tryouts right after school and her dad drove her there so I åicked up only the boy today again. And today I walked to school to get him. It was so nice weather and it only took me about 10 minutes to get there. A little longer on the way home obviously.

In the afternoon I sat with the crazy-kid-next-doors mum on the sidewalk outside our houses and talked. It was nice! And then the kid came over on a playdate.

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