Hosteling, partying, zooing, barbequeing

This weekend was the best weekend since I got here! It was so much fun. Hanna, from my class at Chalmers was coming down from San Luis Obispo with her roommate and the roommates friend from Germany. I got there at 9pm on Friday because I was at the girls showcase at her school. It was a musical about Dr Seuss, I think they were mixing Horton Hears a Who and the Grinch, but I’m not sure. It was really good, but I had a hard time understanding what they were saying/singing. Right after the show I drove to San Diego and met the three girls. Me and Hanna never spoke much in Sweden, but we found out we have much in common and I’m really glad I decided to spend the weekend with her. We decided that I’m gonna go with her to Texas on Spring Break. Some other class mates from Chalmers is visiting and I’m really looking forward to it!


When I got to San Diego they were in a restaurant and had just eated dinner. I wasn’t so hungry so I just ordered a coke and then we went to the hostel. It was a really nice one in the middle of downtown on 5th Avenue. I’ve never been at a hostel before, but Hanna said it was a really good one and I was lucky to have that as my first. Two nights, $58 and that is pretty okay. So when I’m going to San Diego next time to party, if I don’t have anywhere to sleep, I’m gonna stay the night there. We shared room with two other girls and in the room next to ours there were to Swedish girls who had been backpacking mostly in Asia for some months.

In the room I changed clothes very quickly, and we went outside to find a nice place. First we went to a tequila bar. It looked funny from the outside, but was actually pretty nice inside. The drinks were good and cheap.

After the drinks the two German girls were too tired to go anyplace else. So it was just me and Hanna. We went to a bar called Analog and it was really cool inside. The music wasn’t the best and it was too loud, but it was really fun. Half an hour before it closed at 2am, two guys came up to us and started talking. They were funny to talk to but they wanted to keep on partying and we wanted to get some sleep. But first we went to IHOP, Hanna had never been there. It was an express restaurant, and the pancakes weren’t as good as at a real restaurant. But it was nice at 3am. Got to the room at 3:30 and I feel asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.


We had big plans for Saturday so we woke up at 8am, had breakfast and went to San Diego Zoo. I bought a membership, a yearly pass so I can go there as many times as I like and that includes the Safari Park too. I paid $59 and one ticket for the day was $44. Pretty nice!

The zoo was huge and I don’t think we saw everything even though we were there for 4 hours. My feet hurt like hell after all that walking, but it was totally worth it! I saw the panda daddy, unfortunately not the baby because we got to the exhibit at 12:30pm and the baby was only available 9am-12am. Next time! I also saw giraffes for the first time in my life and it was really cool. They are super weird animals. Hummingbirds were everywhere and I actually got two really good pictures of one drinking nectar!

After the zoo we went to Balboa park for a short while. And I want to go back there. A lot of museums that seemed nice! Good thing I live so close to San Diego because there are a lot of things to do there.

After that we went to Vons, bought some food for the barbeque and then we went there. We got there soon after 4pm  and it was already a lot of people there. Anna, who invited me, told me her boyfriend (who was hosting the barbeque with his roommates – they are four guys sharing a house!) invited 300 guys. I’m guessing there were about 80 people maybe. It was a really nice barbeque, not too cold to be outside the whole evening and everyone wasn’t too drunk. It was very international, not many Americans. A lot of Germans, some Danish, Norwegian but no other Swedish than me and Hanna.

I didn’t drink so much but I had a really great time anyway! We left the party pretty early, about 9pm because we wanted to go to Coronado to se San Diego skyline. It was as bueatiful as last time I was there, but now it was warmer. It is still chilly in the evening and you have to wear a hoodie or jacket, but I’m guessing that’s gonna change soon :).

Back to the hostel and nine hours of sleep!


Hanna, Martina and Helena didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic to LA so they wanted to go back to SLO pretty early. That meant that I was in Carlsbad again by 11am, in time for the T-mobile store to open. The guy inside cut my sim card but it didn’t want to work so he gave me a new one, even though he couldn’t do it because Bill wasn’t there with me. And it started working and I was so happy!! I can use my HTC again! The only thing is that my plan is the worst ever. 300 texts every month, 1500 minutes and no internet for $49. For the same price I could get unlimited texts every month, 500 minutes (I only use about 100) and 2GB of highspeed internet. I’m gonna ask Bill when he get home if we could change. It will be a new plan and locked for two years. But why wouldn’t he want to change? It’s way better for the same price!

Now the girl is performing her last show at the school. Pia and the boy is watching and I think I need to go to the gym, but I’m so tired. Or maybe I should go the the wax center. Or start studying for my driver license. Or maybe just sleep…

No, the gym it is! And photos from the weekend will be posted tonight!

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