Summer in the middle of the winter

I can’t believe it’s only February. Since Saturday it has been awesome weather and the sun is burning when in lee (don’t know if that is how you write it…) . Today I spent 40 minutes of my freetime in the backyard in bikini with sunscreen on, music in my ears reading a book. I haven’t been able to do that in such a long time (okay, like once or twice last summer) and it felt so good! If it’s warm tomorrow, I will do the same again and work out after dinner. It’s a good thing it’s always windy here, otherwise I think the summer would have been unbearable.

Today I was mocked by the guy responsible for courses at my program at Chalmers. He asked me how I could think that 80h, 3 credits, here could be the same as 160 in Sweden, which is a 7,5hp course. I had no idea how many hours it was…. So it was totally unneccesery for him to write it the way he did, like I am stupid or something.

Anyway, that means that I can’t be credited for it. It’s a lot of extra money for something I probably won’t need. So we’ll see if I find something better.

Now I’m gonna have some carrot cake and watch a movie!

Over and out!

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