Studying in USA?

This weekend one girl from my class at Chalmers is visiting San Diego (she is studying at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, north of LA, this year) and we are gonna hang out, a little partying, visiting the San Diego Zoo and maybe go to a barbeque. When I told my H-parents about what she is doing here I started to think about what it really was. And I’m seriously thinking about doing the same. Take my last year at Chalmers here in the US! So I’m gonna ask her this weekend how she did it and everything. It would have been so awesome!

It was my H-dads birthday today so we had a big cake for dessert after takeout dinner from Noodles. It’s not working so well with the whole ”being healthy-thingy” for me… So that’s why I just now finished a new and tougher work out schedule. Five days a week and more exercises every day. I think I will start on it after the weekend!

I think the spring has arrived. It has been about 70F for a few days now and it’s so amazing! It’s still chilly in the shadow and it’s pretty windy. But I can go outside in shorts and a t-shirt if I’m in the sun. I was actually very close to  skip the gym today and stay in the backyard reading this afternoon. But I decided to do that tomorrow instead. I have a tiny tan already. One weekend ago I was out reading for about an hour in the yard in shorts and I can see the line on my thigh! Wonder why I didn’t notice it until a week later… And my arms and chest have a little color since LA. Awesome! 🙂

It happaned one more fun thing today. No, it wasn’t fun, but I think it’s worth writing about. And I’m warning you, it’s disgusting. The six-year boy  can’t wipe himself after number two so I have to help him. I’m used to it now, but today was weird and awful! It was green. And I don’t mean greenich brown, it was green, the same color the leaves have in the spring!! What the fuck?! What did he eat?? Ughh….

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