Yesterday was the first day I didn’t post anything, and that was because I was in West Hollywood (without a computer). The weekend in LA didn’t go as I expected, but I’m glad I came along anyway, another weekend alone at home would have been really boring!

Yesterday Dina, Alejandra and Monica picked me up at 8am. We picked up another girl in Manhattan Beach. First we went to the Hollywood sign. I didn’t mind seeing it again because the weather this weekend has been amazing! Really warm and blue sky with a lot of sun. I even think I got a little tan today. Then we met another girl outside of Madame Tussauds and went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat lunch. Super delicious once again!

The last girl, Marcela, had seen the museum too, so she and I went to the mall. I wanted to buy a pair of heels for the evening. I thought that I was gonna buy a pair of kind of cheap shoes, but when we were done and went to meet up the other four girls, I had four bags and spent almost 2000kr. I bought a party top (I really needed one), a pair of heels (really high heels from Bebe), three seamless panties from Victoria’s Secret, and a pair of jeans from Guess. They had $20 off, so it wasn’t so expensive, like 450kr which is very cheap for a pair of jeans in Sweden. And this is a big brand too, win for me!

Back to our hotel, Andaz in West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. A really nice hotel where they parked your car for you and brought all of your bags to the room. We all got dressed, put on makeup and everything else a girl needs to do before going out.

We found a bar/nightclub that had good reviews on the Internet. When we got there we got a free shot and the music was really good. But when we started to look around we saw half naked (and muscular) male bartenders and half naked male dancers… It was a gay bar… All the bars there were gay bars. One of the girls got mad, so we got back to the hotel and took a cab to a nightclub called Avalon. I think it would have been relly nice inside, but a cover of $55 is a little too much when it was midnight. So we got back to the hotel and I got to bed. I think two more got to bed and the rest went back to the gay bar, the ones who has boyfriends.


I woke by myself at 8am and the sun was shining like yesterday. We all got ourselves ready and we took a quick tour up to the penthouse and the pool. It was really nice up there and I wished we had time to lay there in the sun. But we had big plans!

Everyone except for Dina went to Starbucks next door because she had to check out. And when we are there I see a guy coming towards us. It was Paul Johansson (Dan Scott from One Tree Hill)!! OMG! Me and Monica were the only ones who recognized him but we were so excited and I don’t think we were so discret because he said Hi to us and said that he was just gonna get something to drink first. So when he came out we took photos of us with him and that made mine and Monicas day. It was the only celebrity we saw today, but it was good enough :).

Dina drove Marcela and Alejandra to the Oscars because they are crazy about famous people. I am not, I promise. It was just so surprising when he just walked there in ordinary clothes like nothing :P. We other went to IHOP for brunch. I had a stuffed french toast combo. Hash Browns, scrambled eggs and bacon. And of course the stuffed french toast. Everything was really really good!!

After that we tried to get close to the red carpet but the whole neighborhood was closed to the public. Marcela and Alejandra got places pretty close because they were there earlier than us, but they didn’t see any celebrities except for Ben Affleck and Salma Hayek, so I think it was worth missing for that brunch at IHOP.

Me and Marcella was at the red carpet yesterday when the public was still able to see it from inside the Dolby Theatre. It was really cool. And when we were walking around inside a couple with a big camera and mic came up to us and asked us if we wanted to be interviewed. They were from Voice of America and just asked us where we were from, what we expected from the Oscars today and what movie we wanted to win. It was soo awesome!!


When we didn’t see anything on the carpet we decided to go home. But it took time because Marcella and Alejandra needed to eat and we had to drive Marcella home to Beverly Hills where she is working as an au pair. I didn’t get home until 10pm and now it’s really time to go to bed. So all the pictures from this weekend will be posted tomorrow. Good night!

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