Pictures from LA

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Feb 23rd

hdr_00193_0IMAG0893IMAG0894IMAG0897 Manuela, Alejandra, Monica and Dina.

IMAG0915 Our hotel, Andaz on Sunset Boulveard in West Hollywood.

IMAG0917IMAG0918 House of Blues LA was way cooler than House of Blues San Diego.

IMAG0922IMAG0923IMAG0924 They had closed all of Hollywood Boulevard because of the Oscars on Saturday. But we were able to go inside the Dolby Theatre and see the red carpet inside. On Sunday they had closed all the road leading to Hollywood Blvd and put big screens on the fences so you couldn’t see anything at all!

IMAG0925IMAG0929 Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood! Our menus was on iPads.

IMAG0941 A cool fountain in the middle of Hollywood & Highland mall. A cute girl was running around in the colorful water.

IMAG0945IMAG0947 A really fancy mall and the prices were kind of the same as in Sweden so it wasn’t that bad.

IMAG0950IMAG0954 The red carpet inside the Dolby Theatre!


Feb 24th

Fancy houses behind our hotel Fancy houses behind our hotel Big and fancy houses behind our hotel.

The sun deck on top of our hotelThe sun deck on top of our hotel The sun deck at our hotel. Too bad we didn’t have time to hang out there because it was really warm (80F, 25C) and sunny!

View from top of our hotel The view from the sun deck.

Me and Paul Johansson Me and Paul Johansson (Dan Scott from One Tree Hill series)!! Highlight of the trip :). He was nothing at all like Dan, he was nice and was asking us if we wanted to take photos when he noticed that we recognized him.

Brunch at IHOP Brunch at IHOP! The best brunch I’ve ever had!

The Oscars on the big day... This is as close as I could get to the Oscars. By the big tower was the red carpet…

Train restaurant A train restaurant on Sunset Blvd. We have one at Chalmers campus, copycats…

Oscar afterparty? I don’t know if this is where the afterparty was held. But it could have been.

Shopping A pair of jeans from Guess, a top from Angl, a pair of heels from Bebe and three panties from VS. A good shopping day :).
The heels were super high, but my feet didn’t hurt at all!

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