Every day looks kinda the same now. So perhaps I don’t have to update my blog every day… But it’s nice to practice English.

It was a very good day, no problem at all with the boy and I really loved being an au pair today. Nothing special happened, everything just felt good. Before lunch we played New Super Mario Bros. And then I made pancakes for an hour and prepared a lot of them for the boy. Before I hated Fridays because he ate too fast so I couldn’t eat anything, just prepare new pancakes for him.

In my freetime I was at the gym and then I skyped with Hanna. It’s so weird not to be able to talk with her whenever I want. I hope she decides to come visit sometime during the year :).

I haven’t found anyone who wants to go to Maroon 5 with me and that’s sad, I really want to go! I’m gonna talk with my host parents on Sunday or Monday and ask them what they think about me going to LA all by myself.

Tomorrow I’m going there again, not by myself, but with three of the girls I met some weeks ago, it’s gonna be so much fun! The part of the trip I’m looking forward the most is our girls night out in LA tomorrow! It’s really hard to party here since you have to take the car everywhere, so I’m taking every oppurtunity I get.

Now I have to start packing and then get to bed, I’m being picked up at 7am tomorrow…

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