Improvements at the gym

Days go by so fast here. Even if I don’t do anything special. It is kinda nice though because I’ve found my pattern and it isn’t exciting anymore. I’m just very tired all day and have no energy to play with the kids. I tried today when I played a shooting game with the boy, but I died the whole time. I hope it will be better when we can do fun stuff outside. Playing with guns inside and tag an so on isn’t fun to be honest. But games in the backyard, like soccer (oh, I’ve americanized, I don’t say football anymore!), or beachvolleyboll will be nice!

The boy and me have been playing a lot of Wii these last days and I love it! I wonder what the parents think of that though. I am a nerd and love technology and games. I’m by my computer a lot but I think that kids aren’t supposed to. But on the other hand, it’s another generation.

At the gym I was bold and tried to add some pounds to some exercises. No problem! I barely made it but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be. If I want to see some results I have to start put some pressure on myself. And I think I’m gonna change my schedule to three muscle groups per day instead of two. And work out every group twice every week instead of one. We’ll see when I have time for that. And I’m not allowed to do it late at night, because I really really need more hours of sleep every night…

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