One month down, twelve to go

It’s tough to work with kids when you are not feeling okay. My head has felt like a very heavy and swollen ball of snot all day. I’m sneezing like all the time and I think I have a fever that comes and goes during the day… I’ve tried to tell the kids that I’m not feeling well and really want them to cooperate. The girl understands and feel sorry for me. But the boy is stubborn as usual. Today he got mad at me after school when he asked for a playdate with the crazy kid next door. I knew we only had 30min until we had to get back to school again to pick up the girl after play practice. I said that to him and he said that we sat in the sofa watching Disneychannel for two hours. When I said it was 30min, he said no and refused to come with me and buried his face in the pillows instead.

When we got home again he stopped being mad at me. That’s kind of a good thing about six year olds, their mood can change very fast.

In my freetime today I went to Stater Bros and bought some Ben & Jerry’s. I just bought a small package. But I think it will be a big one next time. I don’t think the kids open the freezer in the garage that often so I think it’s safe to put it in there. Haha! Anyway, I was amazed by the prize. In Sweden one of those big packages are $8. Here it’s $3. That’s sick!

I’ve gained a little weight I noticed today. But that can either be new muscle mass or just this day. I’ve learner that your weight can shift from day to day.

I said to myself that I would go to bed early tonight, but I’m still sitting here. I suck! But know I’ve planned my Saturday with Lizzie and Anna Maria. I really need to do some shopping, my jeans are kinda falling apart…

Today it’s a month ago I left home. Now it’s just 12 more months and then I’ll be home in Sweden again. Eleven in this family and one out traveling!

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